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        Welcome to the Prysmian Group Brand Point

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        We are the Prysmian Group, the world's leading cable solutions provider.

        Over 130 years of combined history, 19,000 people in 50 countries and 91 plants are the best possible platform for driving change and innovation in the energy and telecom industries. Operating through two of the industry's most respected global brands, Prysmian and Draka, we're ready to connect with our customers and help them respond to their present and future challenges. Our brand is recognised and trusted around the world and is one of our most valuable assets. That's why we developed this platform.

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        Prysmian Group Brand Point

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        The Prysmian Group Brand Point is a brand management system, an online accessible environment which houses all elements related to our identity and brands, providing resources such as visual identity guidelines, corporate and business literature, an asset bank, and a stationery tool allowing you to create customised letterheads and business cards. It will support us in applying the Prysmian Group, Prysmian and Draka brands correctly and consistently.

        Prysmian Group Brand Point is for use by all Prysmian Group employees and external parties who deal with corporate and business communications material.

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Prysmian Group